We don't want to impress, we are not professionals:), we don't want to brag...all we want is to show you our pics and share our passion; all comments are regarded as constructive whether positive or negative:).

miercuri, 9 ianuarie 2013



BM sent me some pics taken these holidays and all I can say is WOW..I wish I had an AA doll myself,at least one:)...I'm sure Santa came to her as well as to her Barbies and I'm still waiting patiently for her to show me some of her new stuff!

luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

HOLIDAY PICS from Barbie's house...

All my girls had a great time this Christmas and so did I so I decided to take some time for myself and relax, without forgetting to pamper my Barbie dolls. They enjoyed a quiet Christmas gossip session,no fuss. PJ dropped by and the girls were very excited to see such an old gal lookin so hot!!!!
Kelly wanted to join the girls as they talked about fashion,pink and peace on Earth:) While my girls enjoyed their vacation I'm still taking advantage of my free time...

sâmbătă, 22 decembrie 2012


I am so happy I finally have some time to relax and enjoy my dolls....and yes, Santa heard I was really really good this year and he bought me 2 Barbies:)....I can hardly wait to see what's BM been up to, she's the one who never misses a Barbie pic deadline:). Until then I leave you with some of my girls relaxing in their vintage-chic bedroom:)

luni, 10 decembrie 2012

SNOWED IN!!!!! YUPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School was cancelled today due to heavy snowfalls!!!! Thank you, God! Finally a day for myself alone! I played around with my gals and I will take photos of my redecorating. I also found some pictures I had taken before showing you BM's collection. Enjoy the pics, enjoy the snow, relax and have fun!

luni, 26 noiembrie 2012

More of BM's dolls...

I can hardly wait for the Christmas holidays simply because until then I won't have the amount of time to post anything....'till I get my free days I leave you in the company of More of BM's AA beauties...BM sure has a beauty of a pink room! I am absolutely amazed! Congratz BM....why don't you run to my place and help my with my Barbie room? :))))Gotta run and fix up some tests!